Trade Ledger™ & Finextra Webinar – From Open Banking to Open Finance

Join Finextra, Trade ledger™ and industry experts for our latest webinar as we discuss what kind of infrastructure and ecosystem could form the backbone of a new Open Banking corporate world, to satisfy regulation while providing an open playing field on which innovative new services can thrive?

Webinar Link: From Open Banking to Open Finance

Open Banking is not just a passing phase – it is set to permeate all areas of finance. It has come about through a combination of technology advancements, which have created new ways of transacting, storing and sharing data, as well as new regulatory measures to increase competition and empower the consumer by utilising their own data, triggered in no small part by the global financial crisis.

So far, Open Banking services have focused on the consumer retail market, with corporate solutions lagging behind somewhat due to the added complexity large multinationals bring, as well as accessibility issues smaller businesses have in tapping into the system.

Join Finextra, along with Trade Ledger™ and industry experts for our webinar as we discuss this, and how banks must think in terms of ‘networked value creation’. This means harnessing two new concepts from the tech world:

  • Build ecosystem platforms, which meaning moving away from relationship banking. Considering this has been the model of banking for 300 years, it is not going to be easy.
  • Design interoperable services, which can be distributed through other value ecosystems. Draw a line under vertical integration and ‘whole-of-banking’ relationships.

Speakers Include:

  • Laura Douglas, Lead Product Manager, Business Unsecured Lending, Metro Bank
  • Anton Ruddenklau, Head of Digital & Innovation, KPMG
  • Martin McCann, CEO & Co-Founder, Trade Ledger™
  • Tony Mclaughlin, Emerging Payments and Business Development, Citi
  • Anna Milne, Editor, Finextra