The Trade Ledger Team

Matt Born

Matt Born

The tech genius. He’s German. That’s all you need to know.

Martin McCann

The Visionary. It’s his fault if anything doesn’t work.

Marek Fedorovic

Full stack ninja developer. Can hunt his own food with a bow and arrow.

Ivy Young

Super secure in the cloud. You won’t find her on Facebook.

Jason Vo

Soccer mad developer. Luckily for us his programming is better than his dribbling.


Uber developer. While you’re talking about it he’s already coded it, and it works. Actions do speak louder than words. 


Design AND developer whiz. We thought front-end all rounders were like unicorns before Pete. Will even design you a house if need one.


All round innovation Czar. Can whip up a digital financial service faster than you can make a cup of tea.


Typically Scandinavian Entrepreneur. Pay attention to what she’s saying, she might just be your next boss.