Credit & Fraud Analysis
  • Business Risk Forecast
  • Cashflow Prediction
  • Credit Analytics
  • Fraud Identification
B2B e-commerce
  • E-Invoicing Workflow Hub
  • Invoice Status Updates
  • Supplier Master Data & Payment Updates
  • Recievables & Collections Automation
Digital Lending Platform
  • Cash Flow Loan Application
  • Receivables Management
  • Credit Decisioning
  • Settlement

A complete platform-as-a-service for business lenders

Supply Chain Finance – Debtor Finance – Invoice Funding

A digital approach to business lending, designed for superior customer experience and convenience.

What our partners say

Trade Ledger partners with institutional funders

"Traditional Debtor finance processing is labourious and forensic. It takes days or weeks to process an application, assess risk and complete due diligence. Trade Ledger automates this work giving me the credit decisioning data I need in minutes."
Andy Hilton
Alchemy Funding Solutions
"Having a value added financial services provider like Trade Ledger that is a completely digital platform for funding, proved the value of invoice automation and speeds up the adoption of our infrastructure."
Steve Capell
Company Book
"Trade Ledger provides valuable cash flow solutions that appeal to many of our accounting clients. Everyone has a need for simple, fast cash flow optimisation in business."
Lisa Callaghan
Interactive Accounting

About Us

The Trade Ledger team are experts in technology, supply chain optimisation and business funding.

Matt Born

The tech genius. He's German. That's all you need to know.

Martin McCann

The Visionary. It's his fault if anything doesn't work.

Trade Ledger technology is designed to help organisations get simple and efficient cash flow solutions from lenders. Getting the deal done should be the hard part, not dealing with the trade bureaucracy!

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