With its ability to cater for the widest range of commercial lending products, our partnership with Trade Ledger will help us support customers more effectively

Gavin Opperman – Group Business Director, Virgin Money

Trade Ledger unlocks the market so lenders can serve more business borrowers.
This is data-driven lending.

In the past, lending has been difficult and expensive, and 200 million companies globally couldn’t get the credit they needed. Trade Ledger transforms your ability to lend to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – with asset finance, invoice finance, term loans, embedded finance and more.

Make your business lending faster, easier and more profitable.

Trade Ledger Embedded Finance Business Lending 2021
lending re-imagined with Trade Ledger's business lending orchestration platform 2021

The best lending experiences are created with Trade Ledger

Trade Ledger gives you a simpler way of working. It brings together all the data you need throughout the customer lifecycle. It provides analysis, automates processes, and shows the information you need to make good decisions.

50% less cost,
50% more conversion

Borrowers submit just a few details. The Trade Ledger platform fetches all the information that’s needed for a decision, in seconds. There’s no need for anyone to track down documents from multiple systems, folders or emails. The integration work, to bring it all together, has been done for you.

  • 4 minutes: time needed for borrowers to apply, compared to the 30 hours for a traditional application.
  • 1 hour: as little as one hour time-to-offer.
  • Under a day: time to initial drawdown, compared with 90 days for traditional loans.

Finally, businesses can get the cash they need

…and you can grow your loan books and expand into new markets.
Trade Ledger supports asset finance, invoice finance, term loans, embedded finance and bespoke lending.

Who it’s for

Global, regional and national trade banks, and alternative finance lenders, are already using Trade Ledger.

Just by improving the way information is handled, Trade Ledger can improve customer satisfaction, margins, market share and operational efficiency.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Get cash to borrowers faster
  • Reduce dropouts
  • Increase repeat business, cross-sell and up-sell

Win market share

  • Launch new financing products
  • Capture market share for finance on intangible assets

Improve margins

  • Reduce onboarding and servicing costs
  • Reduce errors and re-work during origination and onboarding
  • Win higher-margin business by lending more quickly

Gain operational benefits

  • Manage risk more effectively
  • Update systems with minimum disruption

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do and we are continuously looking for ways to enhance the way SMEs interact and transact with us online. Our partnership with Trade Ledger reflects this continuous improvement, enabling SMEs searching for finance to quickly and easily apply for the funding they need.

Edward Winterton, UK CEO of Bibby Financial Services

How it works:
the lending-as-a-service platform

Borrowers apply on your lending website, or brokers/introducers add them via a dedicated portal.

The Trade Ledger platform fetches the information needed for a decision. The information is always up to date. The platform also stores any documents that are needed.

The same information is available to all your teams – sales, relationship management, operations, legal – a single view of the customer for their whole lifecycle. The broker portal gives introducers much of this information too.

Some or all of your origination and other processes can be automated. The platform can apply risk models, to augment decision-making.

Lending Platform - Trade Ledger System of Intelligence

Of all the vendors we assessed for our Open Account Trade Finance Platform,
Trade Ledger had by far the most advanced architecture we had seen.

Tier 1 Global Bank

Enabling credit for every business

Trade Ledger is a purpose-driven company.

It helps small businesses succeed, so they can sustain and create jobs.
Their biggest problem is getting finance, because high onboarding and servicing costs made it uneconomic for lenders to serve this sector.

Trade Ledger makes it easy and profitable for you to lend to SMEs.

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