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Business lending has never been simpler or more profitable

Whether you’re a large incumbent bank looking to accelerate digitisation, or a lending newcomer wanting to launch products quickly, Trade Ledger delivers the world’s best lending experience — for your customers and your staff.

Trade ledger business lending digital platform dashboard

A single platform for invoice finance, asset finance, embedded finance and term loans

  •   < 4 mins application journey
  •   < 1 hour to credit decision
  •   < 12 hours time to onboard
  •   10x profitability growth
  •   97% reduction in manual errors

What some of our customers have to say about Trade Ledger

Cloud-native, API-driven, infrastructure agnostic and ISO 27001 certified

Unlike many business lending platforms, Trade Ledger has been built from the ground up specifically for banks.

Our in-house team of experts have first hand experience working within banking tech, product and business development teams.

Together we have designed a platform based on future-state architecture that delivers fundamental improvements in security, speed, customer experience and credit operations:

  • Embedded across back-office and digital channels
  • Rapid product deployment
  • Single overlay system
  • Rich, real-time data via open APIs
  • Straight through processing
  • Configurable at scale

Business Lending Platform Architecture

Of all the vendors we assessed for our Open Account Trade Finance Platform, Trade Ledger had by far the most advanced architecture we had seen.

Tier 1 Global Bank

Transform how you deliver asset finance, invoice finance, term loans and embedded finance.

  • Data-driven lending
    Our powerful data model leverages open finance APIs to build a real-time view of the customer by combining traditional banking sources with new forms of open data from other banks and digital platforms like Xero & Quickbooks.
  • Reduced NPLs and credit risk
    Our cutting-edge architecture and credit analytics platform strengthens credit approvals reducing NPLs and enhancing adherence to risk and compliance obligations.
  • Rapid product deployment with low-risk implementation
    Our modular and highly configurable platform gives banks the flexibility to quickly deploy new products, with release management functionality to allow client-selected features to be turned on or off.
Trade Ledger Embedded Finance Business Lending 2021

Trade Ledger has reimagined the lending process, opening up lending opportunities to a larger client base.

Tier 1 Global Bank

Tap into the US$5.2 trillion global SME lending opportunity

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the global economy, providing the lion’s share of employment, and driving growth and productivity. However, there is a US$5.4 trillion global SME funding gap preventing them from realising their full potential.

As the economy digitises, lenders with the right technology have the opportunity to make better informed, quicker, and more profitable loan decisions – ultimately giving SMEs access to cash when they need it.

Trade Ledger was created to help unlock economic growth and social mobility through better business finance, in particular SME and mid-market lending.

On average our customers experience 50% lower cost and 50% more conversions

From the largest global trade banks to alternative finance providers, lenders across the globe have chosen to partner with Trade Ledger – and are reaping the rewards.

Just by improving the way information is handled, Trade Ledger can improve customer satisfaction, margins, market share and operational efficiency.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Get cash to borrowers faster
  • Reduce dropouts
  • Increase repeat business, cross-sell and up-sell

Win market share

  • Launch new financing products
  • Capture market share for finance on intangible assets

Improve margins

  • Reduce onboarding and servicing costs
  • Reduce errors and re-work during origination and onboarding
  • Win higher-margin business by lending more quickly

Gain operational benefits

  • Manage risk more effectively
  • Update systems with minimum disruption

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