Trade Ledger™ achieves ISO 27001 in under 10 weeks

We are excited to announce that we achieved our ISO 27001 certificate in under 10 weeks. This is an extraordinary outcome for any organisation, especially for Fintech startups.

ISO 27001 is an international standard based certification which independently validates that a sound information security system is embedded in Trade Ledger™’s processes in software development, deployment, maintenance, support and operations of the Platform-as-a-Service for banking solutions. The certificate demonstrates our strong commitment to protecting customers’ information and their business.

Security does not stop here with the certificate. Rather security is a journey and an integral part of everything we do each day.

Thanks to our risk-based mindset and innovative approach, we design our security management system to be a practical and versatile tool that supports us achieving our business and security objectives, avoiding any dangerous but typical “box-ticking” mentality when it comes to security and compliance management. Find out more about how we did it in our previous post “Make ISO27001 Security Certification Work in Your Favour“.

Last but not the least, we firmly believe our diverse and open culture is the foundational enabler for this and many other amazing achievements of Trade Ledger. Impact of company culture is often under-rated. In Trade Ledger, culture has been proven as an extremely effective strategy which will continue to empower us to innovate on behalf of our customers, achieve unmatched progress in security and our banking platform technology.